New Teaser Trailer for Stephen King’s Castle Rock Released

Horror fans, rejoice: we’re finally getting another glimpse at the newest Stephen King adaptation, a Hulu original called “Castle Rock.”

The trailer shows short sequences with no hints to the context of what they show: a man views a body on a stretcher in what might be a execution via lethal injection, he wanders a derelict town that seems to have seen much better days (presumably it is the town of Castle Rock itself), a woman steps off a bridge as naturally as one might step off a curb, a dog digs up a skull… Finally, after about a minute of clips like this, a voice says, “You have no idea what’s happening here, do you?”

One of the most striking things in this set of clips is the sinking car that says “Shawshank Department of Corrections” on it. Although fans of King are no doubt trying to piece together which clips go to which King work already, this one is the most obvious, even for viewers who don’t read or watch a lot of King’s works.

This trailer premiered at the New York Comic-Con. The panel at which it premiered featured Sissy Spacek, Carrie in the 1976 Carrie, Melanie Lynskey, of Rose Red, Bill Skarsgård, hot off his role as Pennywise in the latest adaptation of It, André Holland, and two of its writers/executive producers, Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason.

The actors will not be reprising their previous roles from previous Stephen King films, instead Lynskey will be playing a real estate agent, Skarsgård will be playing a death row inmate, and Spacek will play the role of Ruth, the mother of the attorney character played by Holland.

It was announced previously that sheriff Alan Pangborn (Scott Glenn) will be in the series as a retiree from the force. This character appeared in King’s Needful ThingsThe Dark Half, and the novella “The Sun Dog” out of Four Past Midnight. The assumption now is that we’ll either see or at least get references to other familiar King characters like Ace and Pop Merrill, the group of kids in the novella “The Body” (better known as the film Stand By Me), Cujo (there are two dogs featured in the trailer, though neither are a St. Bernard), and towns adjacent to Castle Rock, such as Derry and ‘Salem’s Lot.

Castle Rock is set to premier in 2018.

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