Chucklefish has been hinting for some time now about their newest and biggest project, which has been dubbed ‘Spellbound’ for now, and the latest news that CEO Finn Brice has released sheds some more light on the type of game play we can expect!

If you’ve read our past articles on Spellbound, then you know that the crew at Chucklefish has already divulged certain game play aspects of their magic school sim like potion making and spell casting.

However, now Brice has also revealed that most of the sprawling map is complete and players are able to visit almost all locations (which are filled with just as colorful and charming as the characters we loved in Stardew,) apart from a few that still need work.

Brice confirmed that also like in Stardew, players will be able to pursue any relationship they want – however, it won’t be as easy as past games in this genre have typically been made. Players have the option to totally fail or succeed at dates and relationships will be trickier to obtain.

While the game is all about fun and learning the way of wizardry, it sounds like Chucklefish is aiming for a way more realistic NPC’s and experiences which sounds pretty cool!

What do you think about this new news in the Spellbound development? Are you excited to kick of magic school when the game is finally released? Let us know in the comments down below!

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