At Facebook’s Oculus Connect event, Disney / Pixar revealed that fans of the upcoming animated movie, Coco, can experience the land of the dead themselves… in VR.

While we’re still waiting for the killer app to arrive on VR, Disney might have something up their sleeves for fans of their animated movies. Introducing Coco VR, a brand new virtual reality experience coming to Oculus Rift and Gear VR this November that’ll have Pixar fans jumping into the world of the upcoming movie.

Coco VR will have users explore the world of Coco including the colourful land of the dead. The experience will also utilise social features and have users experience the world together.

The experience is set to come to Oculus Rift on November 15 followed by a Gear VR release on November 22, the day Coco hits theatres. If you don’t have the ability to check this out, don’t worry, as Disney are previewing the experience at a number of Dia de los Muertos festivities in cities including Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Oakland and Chicago later this month.

The experience is also coming to Disney stores as well as select theatres.

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Coco hits cinemas on November 22.

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