For the past four years Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti have been writing the solo Harley Quinn book, but sadly their run on the book will be ending.

Palmiotti and Connor have stated that they need a “break” from the female anti-hero, who they helped make so popular. Considering the couple also got married right before their run on the series got started and they have been working on it ever since means they probably haven’t had much time to relax.

The couple’s run started back in 2013 and brought many new concepts and story elements to the character and made the series a critical success. For example, the effects of Harley’s abusive relationship with the clown prince of crime was touched on frequently; along with her struggle to redeem herself. It’s also important to note that after DC Rebirth the book started having two issues a month which is another testament to the writing.

Connor and Palmiotti brought a lot of character development to Harley and that makes it all the sadder to see them go. There is still a lot that can be done with the character and anti-heroes seem to be more popular than ever, so Harley Quinn is no doubt safe for the time being. Connor and Palmiotti’s final issue of the comic will be released on December 20, after which Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda will be taking over for issue #35.

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