creā-ture studios Release Kickstarter Teaser for Session

Montreal developer creā-ture studios has released a brand new trailer for Session, their upcoming skateboarding video game, teasing an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

It seems like forever since we heard about Session coming to Kickstarter, but now it looks like it’s happening and quite soon too.

Details are pretty thin in terms of what the Kickstarter campaign will be for exactly. In an interview with n3rdabl3, developer Marc-andre Houde revealed that the Kickstarter could be for the first part of the game that’ll slowly be built-upon as development progresses.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to go live on November 14, the developer announced on Facebook, along with a teaser trailer for the campaign which you can see below.

We’ve been following the development of Session for some time now, so it’s exciting to see that the game will finally be at a point where we can look towards a Session-filled future. We recently got hands-on with the game at one of their play tests in Montreal, head here to see what we thought.

Here’s a handful of screenshots too: