Crystal Dynamics Teases Soul Reaver on Twitter

Cystal Dynamics, developer of the Legacy of Kain series posted a mysterious tweet. IT said “I am Raziel, first-born of His lieutenants. I stood with Kain and my brethren at the dawn of the empire.” followed by a picture of Raziel.

Fans of the game will know that is one of the opening lines from the opening scene of Soul Reaver.

Crystal Dynamics hasn’t done anything with the series since the failed free-to-play action game Nosgoth, which never made it past the open beta in 2015. It was officially shut down in May 2016.

So far nothing else has been said but it looks like this might be a remake or a HD upgrade. Either way, as a fan of the original I am excited to see Raziel’s story brought into the modern age.

God damn I could listen to that voice all day.