These Cuphead POP! Vinyls are To Die For

Funko have announced a brand new line of Cuphead POP! Vinyl figures that might actually have me consider doing a deal with the devil.

That’s right, Studio MDHR’s adorable yet devilishly difficult action platform shooter, Cuphead, is getting its own line of POP! Vinyl figures that are absolutely adorable.

These POP!’s feature the titular Cuphead and his brother/pal Mugman in two variants, one full colour, another in monochrome. In addition to the two heroes, there’s also a pretty big 6-inchvinyl figure of The Devil.

While you can order the full-colour versions and The Devil vinyl right here, you might have to make a trip to get the monochrome duo as they’re New York Comic Con exclusives.

What’s more impressive about these figures is that Funko has done away with the usual packaging it has for its line of POP! Vinyls and have opted to go along with Cuphead’s classic 1930s styling, offering an all-yellow “retro” style package, which in itself is amazing.

Check ’em out:

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