Paramount Pictures have released a brand new clip for their upcoming sequel, Daddy’s Home 2 and things get a little hot up in there.

Daddy’s Home, the movie which saw Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg come together once more, though this time working against each other as father and step father, is getting a sequel. However Paramount is pulling out the big guns and are introducing John Lithgow & Mel Gibson as the fathers of the two, which is surely going to make for an even better movie, right?

Yeah no, probably not, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless…

“Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) have joined forces to provide their kids with the perfect Christmas. Their newfound partnership is put to the test when Dusty’s old-school, macho Dad (Mel Gibson) and Brad’s ultra-affectionate and emotional Dad (John Lithgow) arrive just in time to throw the holiday into complete chaos.”

In the newest clip for the movie, it seems someone has messed with the thermostat, and it’s causing all sorts of panic and confusion.

Check it out:

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Daddy’s Home 2 is set to hit theatres on November 22.

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