Death Coming is a Puzzle Game Where You’re the Grim Reaper

Next Studio has announced that their upcoming puzzle game, Death Coming, is set to hit Early Access this November.

Death Coming is a non-linear puzzle game where players take the role of the Grim Reaper with the soul purpose being to take people’s lives. Players will find themselves setting up Final Destination-like puzzles which will ultimately put an end to the unsuspecting victim in the most spectacular way.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as it may seem as potential victimss will be reacting to events around them. If the player attempts to reap the soul by causing a car accident but it fails, the victim will change its routine accordingly. It all about planning and making sure you choose the right time to strike.

To make matters worse, those meddling do-gooders from heaven will be actively working to thwart your plans. Angels will be patrolling the level to ensure the living stay as such, so you need to strike when their back is turned.

Death Coming hits Early Access on November 6.