Bossa Studios has announced that players can jump into their upcoming competitive disembodied skateboarding game, Decksplash, completely free for an entire week.

The Decksplash Free Week will begin on November 2 and will give PC players access to the game where players take control of skateboards in an epic physics-based battle for turf as bigger combos make a much bigger splash across the whole skatepark.

Think Skate mixed with Splatoon as teams flip, grind, and spin their way through a series of obstacles to rack up an impressive score which, when the wheels hit the ground, unleash a splash of colour. The aim is for the team to cover as much of the park as possible in their colour.

Unsure what I mean? Well here’s a trailer:

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So what’s this Free Week all about? Well Bossa Studios are trying a new way to release a game. Rather than giving us a release date, if 100,000 people download and play Decksplash during the free event, they’ll instantly release the game into Early Access at the end of the free week.

So when does this begin? On November 2 players can download and give the game a spin. The free week will then come to an end on November 10. From here we’ll know whether this event was a success or not.


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