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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – Oct. 10 2017

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – Oct. 10 2017

Another Tuesday, another weekly reset in Destiny 2! Sadly, the Presitge Raid mode has been pushed back by a week thanks to some enemy exploits found out by Bungie. Apparently the enemies were too easy, so Bungie will be taking an extra week to sort their shit out… get it together Bungie.

Thankfully though, the lacklustre Iron Banner will still go live today. For players looking to play the same games just with Iron Banner engrams for rewards instead, just look for Lord Saladin at the Tower. The Iron Banner will only be available to players that have completed the campaign… so pretty much everyone, I mean, if you haven’t completed it by this point, do you even Destiny bro?? (Ed. note: screw you, Mark, I’ve been busy!)

In addition to the new PvP mode, a new map, The Lost Shore will be available for all PvP modes once the update goes live.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – Oct. 10 2017 - n3rdabl3Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – Oct. 10 2017 - n3rdabl3

Everyone that competes will earn Iron Banner tokens, obviously you earn more if you win. These tokens can then be exchanged for Iron Banner specific engrams that reward players with new loot, mainly armour, hopefully..

The event begins today October 10 at 2 am PST and will come to a close on October 17 at 2 am PST. So form your fire team and test your strength!

For all your Destiny 2 needs keep checking back with us here at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered!

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