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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (Oct. 3) – What’s New

New updates, new loot!

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (Oct. 3) – What’s New

As per usual the Destiny 2 servers will be down for maintenance for four hours this week… So let the reset begin.

The reset brings a bunch of new activities to keep us busy for awhile, as we continue to strive for that max Light Level. If you have yet to check out our tips and tricks for levelling up your Guardian’s light, stop what you’re doing and read that shit… like, now.

Once the servers come back online, Bungie will announce the first Faction Rally winner! While we will no longer be earning tokens, we will still have a week to turn in what we have for those Legendary Engrams we love to collect so much. Aside from that, new Milestones will be available in the form of Crucible, the Nightfall, Raid, and a new Flashpoint.

This week the Flashpoint will take place in the E.D.Z., be sure to grab Cayde-6’s treasure maps before heading planet-side! This week’s Nightfall will be Savanthun’s Song, and with it will be the modifiers “Momentum” and “Timewarp: Anomalies”. This week, in order to regain health and shields players will have to keep moving, with running increasing the rate at which you gain back those stats, hence “Momentum”.

The return of “Timewarp: Anomalies” is a welcome addition compared to last weeks lack of ability to gain any form of time back. I’d recommend banging out your Rat King quests this week while you can, who knows when Bungie will pull that time earning carpet out form under us again!

Basically, throughout the Nightfall, there will be, well, “anomalies” that you can find and shoot to earn back time on the clock, generally adding 30 seconds, which can add up if you have a quick eye and even quicker trigger finger.

In addition, 3 new Meditations will be available as well, for those looking to relive some campaign missions. Missions 1AU, Unbroken, and Larceny will all be available coming off the reset.

Bungie’s commitment to keep players coming back each week is admirable. Hopefully we see more content roll out in the coming weeks and months to keep us hard core fans coming back for more loot and higher light levels.

So there you have it, another new week and more new content. Did we miss anything for this week’s update? Are there any tips or tricks we may have missed to help increase our light levels? How many of our editors do you think it takes to change a light bulb?? Let us know in the comments below and as always keep checking back with us as n3rdabl3 for all your Destiny 2 needs, we’ve got you covered!