Disney’s Streaming Service ‘Movies Anywhere’ Announced

Disney has officially announced its streaming service, Movies Anywhere, and it’s much bigger than we first thought it would be.

Earlier this year fans were disappointed to hear that Disney would be pulling all of its movies from streaming service, Netflix, and would be bundling them together in their own competing service. Now, with the announcement of Movies Anywhere, we know just what Disney has in store, and they’re pulling out the big guns.

In addition to Disney, Movies Anywhere, will offer movies from other blockbuster studios including Warner Bros., Universal, Sony Pictures, and Twentieth Century Fox. What’s more, the service will also be able to connect their Movies Anywhere account to services such as iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, or Vudu, and have their purchases being added to their Movies Anywhere library.

While it’s not a direct competitor to Netflix, as it’s not offering a subscription, it does offer an incredibly large digital locker for users to watch movies that they’ve purchased both in the past, and in the future. In addition, Movies Anywhere is also looking at getting Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate on board too.

Disney’s Streaming Service ‘Movies Anywhere’ Announced - n3rdabl3

The whole point of this service seems to be a one-stop-shop for digital movie purchases as not only does it support the aforementioned services, it will also be finding its way to iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire devices, and a part of Roku. It’ll also have Chromecast support, as well as through its own standalone website.


Movies Anywhere is set to also pull customers in by offering new movies and be the place to go when purchasing digital movies, however it’s not shy offering the ability for its users to go to their storefront of choice. So if the majority of your movie library is on Google Play, you can continue to do so, however Movies Anywhere will be your hub for that content.


While it only competes slightly with the likes of Netflix and Hulu, the idea of Movies Anywhere is to make digital movie and TV purchasing and viewing a much more streamlined experience. With the launch of the service, no matter where you buy your films or TV series, you’ll find them on Movies Anywhere.

The service is available right now, where you can purchase movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Emoji Movie, War for the Planet of the Apes, and much more. For those who sign up and link an account, such as Google Play, they’ll receive two free movies, however if they link another account, they’ll receive another three.