Dragon Ball FigherZ Characters and Story Mode Detailed

Bandai Namco has today announced that two more characters will be joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster: Nappa and Captain Ginyu.

These two heavy weight fighters will be offering some pretty unique moves. Captain Ginyu will have the ability to switch himself with the opponents fighter, lasting until the end of the fight. Nappa on the other hand will be able to call upon the Saibamen to attack the enemy while he charges energy or prepares to unleash a combo, making him the ultimate perfectly timed character to play.

In addition to the two new characters, Bandai Namco also detailed the game’s story. In Dragon Ball FighterZ players will be able to utilise the “LINK System”. This system will allow them to embody different characters, share their minds, and even interact with them while they share the same body.

The Story Mode will also contain three different parts each of which offering a perspective from each of their characters offering different insights into the same story arc. First the Super Warriors Arc will tell the story from the perspective of the Saiyans. Next, the Super Villain Arc will share the perspective of the enemy, and finally the Android Arc will tell the story from the perspective of the Androids.

This offers a much deeper way to not only learn about each of the characters, but have a deeper understanding of the entire story and the motives behind each of the characters’ actions. Players will also be able to level up each of these different characters during play too further developing players’ play styles.

To add to all of this, there’s a tactical element with the game too with the Story Mode Map which has players choosing from different options as to where to go next. These strategical choices will have an overall impact over the fighting abilities for future fights, so choose wisely.

Of course, Dragon Ball FighterZ wouldn’t be a fighting game without an online mode, and Bandai Namco have details on that, too.The game’s online modes will offer interconnecting match-making to ultimately test player skills. In the Circle Match mode, upto eight players can enter the room to fight against each other where upto four fights can happen at once.

Then there’s the World Match mode which allows players to choose between more casual matches, and those who have something to prove to put the ranked matches to the test.