Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope Release Revealed

You could say the Dragon Ball franchise is going through a real renaissance with a new anime and a new game which seems to have captured everyone’s imagination and attention.

Of course, it doesn’t stop here. People are expressing their passion for the adventures of Goku and his pals in different ways. You can have a lot of fun searching through fans different interpretations of what different Super Saiyan forms look like all the way up to level 99 at least.

Now people have gone a step further with making fan films. One of which is Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope.

The project, by YouTube content creators Robot Underdog, is a crowd-funded three-part series re-telling the era of which Young Trunks grew up in. The series follows Trunks growing up in a world where the villainous Androids has turned the world into a dark place where only Gohan is left to protect the world.

Releasing Episode 1 to whet our appetites, the team have now announced the release dates of Episodes 2 and 3. So getting ready to go Super Saiyan when the Robot Underdog will release the next two episodes on November 14.

If you want to check this out follow the link.