Crowdfunded MMO Dual Universe Enters Pre-Alpha

Independent developer Novaquark has this week announced that Dual Universe will be entering a public Pre-Alpha stage that’ll give players access to the ambitious MMO for the first time ever.

Having raised a little under $7.5 million, it’s time for a lucky selection of Kickstarter and crowdfunding backers to get the first public hands-on with the game through a Pre-Alpha. The Pre-Alpha will be limited to just 2,500 players who pledged at the Gold Founder level and above prior to September 7.

“Following up our recent global $7.4M mark in fundraising, this public Pre-Alpha milestone is very important to us and our community. Our proprietary CSSC (Continuous Single-Shard Cluster) and voxel engine technologies are now benchmarked for the first time with real players and not just bots.” explained Jean-Christophe Baillie, CEO at Novaquark. “It is truly amazing to think that when you see a moon in the sky, it’s actually there, you can fly to it with a proper spaceship. And you could carve out half of it, given enough time, as the world is entirely editable. Everyone will see it. This kind of giant continuous world experience has never been seen before in gaming. We can’t wait to see what people are going to build over the next weeks.”

We’ve been following Dual Universe for some time now, and it looks to be a truly ambitious game where players will have total control over the environments as well as the politics within the game. Add that to the game’s incredible CSSC (Continuous Single-Shard Cluster) tech, created by the game’s developers, which manages a single universe with millions of people interacting within all at once.

So it’s pretty exciting to see that the game is getting to a point where players can actually enter the game and begin sculpting the huge universe.

A Pre-Alpha trailer has also been revealed, which you can see below:

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