FIFA 18 launched September 29 to critical acclaim, and EA Sports has revealed that the game reached a recorded 1.6 million FIFA 18 concurrent players on the games launch weekend.

Revealed on Twitter, EA posted a short clip captioned “That’s a lot of people playing FIFA 18” while quoting the 1.6 million concurrent players across the game’s platforms in a short video.

What platform holds the most players wasn’t officially stated however, but that is still a huge figure for a sports title on release. That being said, according to the UK Gaming Charts this week, FIFA 18’s console split was 60% of players on PS4 and 37% on Xbox One. The remaining 3% accounted the Nintendo Switch, and last-gen releases.

The game’s first title update has landed on PC this week, and has  made numerous changes and improvements, although it is currently unsure when it will land on Consoles.

FIFA 18 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and last gen consoles.

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