Futurama Finds New Life (Sort of) on SyFy

FOX and SyFy have announced that Futurama will be returning to our television sets thanks to a new deal between the two companies.

No, unfortunately we’re not getting another revival, instead SyFy will be the new home of Futurama following its lynching from Netflix earlier this year. This has been a pretty tough year for Futurama fans, but now it’s finally starting to look up.

According to ComingSoon, the network has signed a “non-exclusive deal” to air all 140 episodes of what I consider one of the best sci-fi animations of all time. This includes all of the show’s original Fox run, as well as the series’ DVD movies, as well as the Comedy Central stuff that remains on Netflix.

This will all begin on November 11, starting with an entire series marathon taking up an entire six hours of prime-time programming each night.

Interestingly, this could hint at a possible resurrection considering FOX has put a lot into the series recently, first with the Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow mobile game which in itself contains some original animations and stories, and the recent 40-minute podcast episode.


I have my fingers and tentacles crossed.

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