Game Gifting Arrives on Xbox One Preview

It’s been revealed that some users in the Xbox One Preview Program have been able to send digital games as gifts to their Xbox One friends.

Game Gifting is something that’s been possible on Steam for some time, and while it’s had its fair share of issues, it has for the most part worked pretty well. Now, following comments from Xbox VP, Mike Ybarra, regarding Game Gifting on Xbox One not being too far away, it seems for some, it’s already here and ready to go.

Windows Central is reporting that some Preview Program users are being given the option to gift a game along side the option to purchase the game for themselves. From here they’re asked whether to input an email address or choose from their friends list. From here, the recipient will receive an email with a 25-digit code for the game.

While Microsoft hasn’t actually fully announced this feature, we’ve known that game gifting has been on the cards for some time. So it’s nice that we’ll finally be able to grab digital copies of games for our friends.