Sony is set to release a 4 day preview of GT Sport on October 9, a week ahead of the game’s long awaited release October 17.

Playstation Plus Members can preload the demo from October 7, and the demo will go live on October 9. and run on through to October 12. The GT Sport Demo will feature the game’s Sport mode, Arcade mode, Campaign mode, Scapes Photography mode, and the game’s Custom Livery editor.

In Sport mode, players will be able to prove their skills by putting down their fastest lap time. After each qualifying session, leads a race against drivers with similar skills, ensuring a fair, equal race.

Campaign mode gives players a chance to test their skills across challenges, missions, and circuit experiences. These modes are intended to prepare drivers for racing online against others. AS the player completes various trials and daily events, they will be rewarded with vehicle unlocks, in-game currency (of which up to 1 million can be transferred to the full game) as well as experience points.

Arcade mode offers players a chance to jump in a drive, offering a wide range of vehicles on multiple circuit configurations, allowing playters to race on their own terms, set their own driver aids and even race offline in classic split screen racing.

The GT Sport Demo goes live October 9, with the full game set for release October 17 on PlayStation 4

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