Creā-ture Studios is Bringing Skate Nostalgia Back With ‘Session’

Montreal-based Creā-ture Studios has been working long and hard on a project that has garnered a lot of attention for hardcore skate fans.

‘Session’, which has recently become a full-time project for the studio for the past few months and have finally given excited fans a chance to play – given that they live in Montreal that is!

I met up with the devs at an arcade in downtown Montreal, where they were showcasing the latest Session prototype to some eager gamers. After getting to sit down and see the game in action, I already got these calm vibes from it. It’s definitely a game that takes some focus and skill, sure, but also doesn’t take hours to learn either. I couldn’t help envisioning it as a finished project that keeps players sucked in for hours on end. As the devs told me later when they took the time to have a chat with me, players who are already skaters will have a one-up on the ones who don’t because they wanted the gameplay and controls to mirror real life as much as possible.

For instance, one tricky but clever aspect to the game is how the thumbsticks reflect the character’s feet on the skateboard, meaning that if you changed your footing, you also changed how the controller worked. It definitely caused trip-ups but in the best way since it was so realistic. Besides that, the graphics were already looking fantastic and the scenery simple as we skated around a small indoor skate park with a ton of options for tricks whether it be ramps or rails – I could see all the possibilities unfolding for this game that’s bound the game that brings skate games back to roots.

Creā-ture Studios is Bringing Skate Nostalgia Back With ‘Session’ - n3rdabl3


Because the devs are already passionate about the skating world and the iconic 90’s games that shaped it on the TV screen, it’s no wonder that Sessions reflects that so perfectly. The studio even went as far as teaming up with a professional skater to Mo-Cap for them so that the gameplay would look more realistic which I really thought was impressive.

While there is no official release date just yet, the team Creā-ture Studios are looking to release a game that starts small (with various skate parks in New York) and build on that with more locations and possibilities for tricks. And while the idea of no scoreboard in the game was something I really liked – adding to that ‘just skate’ feel it had – I asked whether they had plans to make the game multiplayer.

At the moment however, it seems the game is meant to be a single player experience but like everything else that comes with Session, anything’s possible! So if you’re into skating and a fan of skate games, keep your eye out for Session – something both nostalgic and fresh – as it becomes more developed!