Natsume Hosts Harvest Moon Twentieth Anniversary Drawing Contest

We recently heard about Harvest Moon: Light of Hope‘s Steam release, which has come just in time for the Harvest Moon series’ twentieth anniversary. That’s not the only way Natsume is celebrating the anniversary; however, they are also hosting a drawing contest.

Until midnight of December 31, 2017, Natsume will be accepting art of fans’ favourite Harvest Moon characters and animals. For art to be considered, it must have at least one human character from any Harvest Moon game, and at least one Harvest Moon animal.

There will be five grand prize winners chosen and ten first prize winners. It appears that the grand prize winners will receive a large cat plush, a bluebird and cow plush, Harvest Moon cow headphones, a cow figurine, and a Harvest Moon: Skytree Village drawstring bag. First place winners will receive the bluebird plush, the cow figurine, and the Skytree Village drawstring bag. Winners will be decided by a panel of Natsume employees, including the president and CEO of Natsume, Hiro Maekawa.

Natsume is accepting both physical and digital entries for their contest. A Facebook post about the contest also allows items that “may be an art form other than a drawing but must have taken time and effort to create, such as a cross stitch, quilt, amigurumi, crochet, etc.

For a more extensive list of guidelines and directions on how to submit your art, please visit Natsume’s post regarding the contest here.

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