Heroes  Unite for the Justice League Trailer

Could the Justice League turn a dreary November into a bright month with loads of monsters, a bunch of superheroes beating them up, and oh is it a bird? is it a plane no it’s a…

… dream sequence involving Superman. Though I’d bet all my shares in Wayne Tech that the blue boy scout may be turning up in part one of the Justice Leagues first adventure.

The world is still mourning the death of Superman and crime and evil is on the rise.

Batman has put together The Justice League, a bunch of super-powered do-gooders just in time since a new evil is threatening Earth. Fusing Joss Whedon’s upbeat atmosphere and fuse it with Zack Synders oil canvas style imagery and you’ve got an interesting movie visually.

Aquaman looks the like the MVP of this superhero team as Jason Momoa looks like he’s just playing himself or Ronon Dex with the ability to breath underwater. I must admit, there seems to be a member missing, maybe some guy with a red cape?

Maybe you know him, I think he works as a reporter?

Hitting around mid-November get ready for DC’s premier superhero team finally making it to the big screen.

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