Hitman Season Finale Hokkaido

Io-Interactive has announced the Hitman – Game of the Year Edition that’ll bring the base game, all locations, as well as the return of elusive targets, all in one neat package.

Following the news that Io-Interactive has become an independent developer, their first announcement is a brand new repackaged version of their hit game, Hitman. Hitman – Game of the Year Edition is set to launch on November 7 on all platforms and will bundle together all seven locations, all bonus missions, Challenge Packs, and much more.

In addition, it’ll come with a brand new UI, new Escalation Contracts, new lighting and graphical enhancements, a Clown suit, new Contracts mode features, and then some. It’ll also include a brand new Patient Zero campaign, which features four missions across different locations all of which have been reworked from their original settings.

Patient Zero will have an entirely new story, new dialogue, briefings, and audio tracks, as well as a few surprises.

Finally, in November, Elusive Targets will return allowing those who missed them the first time around, to have a second chance. They’ll continue to be time-limited targets, and for those who managed to complete or fail the mission before, that record will still stand, you can just have another stab at the briefing.

Check out the new trailer which came along with the announcement:

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