Crytek have released a twelve-minute gameplay trailer showing off their upcoming game, Hunt: Showdown, and it looks pretty damn incredible.

It looks like Crytek might be making a comeback with Hunt: Showdown following a series struggles the company have been facing over the past couple of years. This new game, which is set to land in Early Access, is a brand new first-person survival game in which players hunt demons, and each other.

Hunt: Showdown has been in the works at the studio for a couple of years now and it’s looking like we’re about to get it in our hands. A brand new trailer for the game has surfaced revealing that it’ll be coming to Early Access soon, as well as showing off some of the game’s PvE and PvP gameplay.

In short, Hunt: Showdown has five teams of two entering Louisiana’s swamps hunting for monsters. Once taken down, players must escape the swamps with their kill to successfully complete their hunt. The only problem is, all five teams are attempting the same thing and, if they choose to do so, can decide to turn against other players and take-down teams and steal their hunts.

This cut-throat gameplay looks incredibly harsh as players can sit in wait for other teams to take down monsters and swoop in at the last minute with traps and and a well-timed headshot, and steal the kill for themselves.

Check it out in the trailer below:

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And check out a 12-minute first-look trailer from IGN:

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