Ever thought about getting into Star Trek comics? Well IDW might be offering you a chance to warp into action with a brand new trailer for their wide-range of Star Trek comics.

As of now, we’ve got the following series’:

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken – Miss the adventures of Picard and the Enterprise D? You may be in luck as this series travels the Mirror Universe where the good guys are evil and Picard is on a mission to take over the galaxy…
  • Star Trek: Boldly Go – Follow the adventures of the new Star Trek timeline and see what Kirk and crew get up to in between movies.
  • Star Trek: Waypoint – If you miss the adventures of the original universe this bi-monthly series provides tales from all over the vast franchise.
  • Star Trek Discovery – A tie-in for the new Netlfix series so no spoilers here.
  • Star Trek: New Visions – See the classic episodes of the Orginal Series bought into comics with photos of the episodes turned into a comic by renowned comic book writer John Bryne.

Though if you can’t be bothered to read this. Check the animated trailer that publisher, IDW has put out showing off what they have going on!

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