Who would be in the Japanese Justice League?

Part 1 of Warner Bros’ Justice League is set to hit next month where DC’s premier superhero team will have it’s first big screen live-action outing. Despite it coming out next month, we can always have a little fun with some alternate lineups.

Of course, with choosing a Justice League line up made up off Japanese superheroes, I could easily let off a huge list Super Sentai (Power Rangers in the West) characters with the occasional Kamen Rider popping up. Though if I did that, it wouldn’t be such a fun list would it?

So, let’s say the Justice League start creating franchises into different nations. Who would be on the Japanese roster?

Super Sentai – Yes, one member of a previous Super Sentai team should get a place on the Japanese Justice League team. Who should it be? Well, maybe it should be the third ranger? What I mean by the third ranger is the guy that tends to be the black or green ranger who tends to be the weirdo of the team.

Gatchaman – Being in a team sometimes help you work on your personal flaws. Joe from Gatchaman (a team of ninjas with a flair of Batman and the skills of your basic Naruto character) is rough around the edges. Maybe hanging out with a different team would help him learn how to love and hug?

Cyborg 009 – It breaks my heart that this Western comic adaptation is tricky to find and the anime is only available on Netflix. Though this charming mix of X-men style superpowers and robots deserves a place on this list. I always liked Albert Heinrich, the German guy who is a basically a walking tank.

He’d make a great powerhouse for the team.

Kamen Rider – The leader right here, the version of the character I would pick would be the one from Kamen Rider The First. A Nolan/Batman style reboot of the much-loved superhero.

American Ranger – Akibaranger was an adult parody of Super Sentai that poked fun of the franchise becoming Power Rangers in the West with the American Rangers. The Red and Green Ranger poking fun at Power Rangers for all to enjoy. Here you have your comedy relief.

The Guyver (Western adaptation) – Every team needs an outcast who is a bit of bad ass, so why not guy whose not Japanese and like to rip stuff apart? The Guyver: Dark Hero movie is basically R-rated Power Rangers. If you don’t think that’s bad ass. Then I don’t what is.

Have we missed any out? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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