KORG Gadget is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

This weekend at the M3 event in Japan KORG unveiled the Nintendo Switch version of their KORG Gadget, a one-stop-shop for music making on the go.

KORG and Nintendo have had a very long running relationship ever since they launched the KORG DS-10 on the Nintendo DS. Since then a version of KORG’s synths have been found on many of Nintendo’s devices. So it comes as no surprise that the KORG Gadget is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The KORG Gadget will allow four music producers (read: players) to collaborate on some sort of music creation at the same time. It also looks like the Joy-Con motion controls will also be made use of too.

The app will feature over thirty different synths and drum machines, as well as a step sequencer allowing users to create their own music on the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the multiplayer support, budding producers could likely set up several different Joy-Cons to perform certain tasks unlocking an entire deck of music production right from the Switch.

Details are still pretty thin, but we do know that the KORG Gadget will be coming next Spring.

You never know, maybe this might become a reality after all:

KORG Gadget is Coming to the Nintendo Switch - n3rdabl3

Thanks, NintendoLife.