Nexon and Boss Key Productions have announced a huge content update coming to LawBreakers in an effort to support the game’s community.

Despite concurrent user numbers hitting a new low of 10 on PC, LawBreakers is apparently doing pretty well for itself on PlayStation 4. That being said, Nexon and Boss Key want to make sure players are getting their moneys worth with a massive update coming to the game soon.

The update, which is set to launch today at 10pm PT, will bring plenty of new content to the game, absolutely free. The All-Star Update, as it’s being dubbed, is the largest content drop to date and brings with it the long-awaited ranked mode and the launch of the competitive Beta Season 0.

This Beta Season allows Boss Key to receive feedback from participants to improve the mode and the ranking factors for future seasons. Players will need to be at least level 5 to enter and will receive exclusive items and profile icons.

In addition, the game will be getting new Boss Leagues which will offer queuing for both solo and duos with six total tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Boss. Teir upgrades will factor in accumulated league scores earned at the end of each match. Ten placement matches are required to receive a ranking in this league.

New maps are coming to the game, the first is called Gateway and is specifically for the game’s Blitzball mode. It’s being described as the world’s first “mobile stadium” which floats in the sky using anti-gravity. There’s also another map, Redfalls Blood Moon, which is a variation of the Redfalls map that’s been redesigned with a new atmospheric time of day.

Finally, a bunch of quality of life and customisation updates are on the way, including balance adjustments, multi-region queueing, better tutorials, a new BlizBall Sports-themed character and weapon skins, new profile icons, and more than 120 new items for players to kit their characters out with.

Finally, LawBreakers will have a presence at TwitchCon with 10 streamers form two teams and battle it out in a best of three tournament.

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