Sony has unveiled two new PS VR games at Paris Games Week today: Sprint Vector and League of War VR Arena.

Sprint Vector, as you might expect from the title, is a racing title that’ll have players slipping into a pair of high-speed skates and sprinting their way throughout various different high-speed locations using a combination of sprinting, jumping and climbing.

It looks pretty damn fun, even if you’re just standing in one spot waggling your arms backwards and forwards.

Check it out:

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On the other hand we’ve got something a little more low-octane in the form of League of War VR Arena, a war-room-style game in which players move and instruct various army units across a table in order to defeat their opponent.

Think Warhammer, but in virtual reality and modern warfare rather than mythical or futuristic units. Of course, this is a VR take on the mobile game, League of War: Mercenaries.

A trailer for that can also be found below:

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League of War launches on November 7. Sprint Vector on the other hand is yet to receive a release date.

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