LEGO Worlds Gets Halloween-themed DLC

Warner Bros. and TT Games has announced that LEGO Worlds is set to get a brand new DLC pack to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year.

The new DLC pack, titled Monsters, is a new downloadable themed content pack for LEGO Worlds which adds Monster Town, a brand new location full of new spooky quests, monstrous creatures, haunted houses, and new vehicles for players to explore. Oh, and the town celebrates Halloween every day. Sounds like my sort of place.

Unfortunately it’s not all doom and goom as things are about to take a turn thanks to some mischievous zombies which are taking the whole trick and treat thing a little too literally.

In the Monsters pack, players are tasked with bringing order to Monster Town by scaring away the zombies with their own tricks and repairing the damage caused by the little cretins.

This new pack is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for £3.19 and £3.29 respectively. For those who have purchased the physical Nintendo Switch version of the game, they’ll receive the Monsters Pack plus the Classic Space Pack completely free.

In addition to the Monster Pack, a free update is coming to LEGO Worlds that’ll add a bunch of new features to the game making building and exploring much easier and more fun. The new Camera Car is perfect for aspiring directors who plan on creating their own action movies. There’s also the addition of The Planner which makes building LEGO structures much easier.

The update also comes with a bunch of other changes to the game such as an improved Discovery Menu, new shapes are coming to the Landscape Tool, and there are major updates coming to the Copy Tool, Galaxy Map, Waypoints, and more.