Latest Lost Sphear Trailer Tells a Story

Square Enix has released a story trailer for Tokyo RPG Factory’s upcoming RPG, Lost Sphear.

In Lost Sphear, players are told the story of Kanata, a self-taught swordsman who’s aim is to put the world to right using his gift of awakening memories. You see, the world of Lost Sphear is fading, and it’s up to Kanata and his companions to put a stop to the ominous power causing all of this chaos.

“In LOST SPHEAR, players will travel the world from idyllic countryside towns to mysterious dungeons, all in an effort to save the world and protect those around you from being lost forever,” reads the press release.

Check the story trailer out below:

Lost Sphear is set to launch digitally for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. The game will also be launching phisically on PS4 and Switch.