Marvel’s Spider-Man Thwips In A Trailer In

Spider-man is making his way back to the world of video games as Marvel has dropped a trailer for his adventure on the PS4 coming next year.

Our story set’s out with Wilson Fisk, AKA The Kingpin being locked up which makes New York City a whole bunch safer and means Peter Parker isn’t needed as much as Spider-man. Since being a superhero takes up a lot of your time, Peter Parker is screwed and must seek shelter as the FEAST Centre, run by the charming Martin Li where his beloved Aunt May spends most of her time volunteering.

Meeting a guy named Miles (I think we all know that is Miles Morales, the other Spider-man) the peace is shattered when the new villain, Mister Sinister strikes against Mayoral candidate Osborn…

Loosely based around a plot from the Brand New Day era of Spider-man from around 2009, get to set to see some new villains introduced into this glossy looking sandbox which borrows a bit from the Batman Arkham games in terms of combat and being able to leap around praying upon your enemies.

I’m sure more reveals are on the way, so stay tuned and make sure you check out the PS4 release in 2018 Webheads!