MCM Comic-Con London 2017 – A Nerdy Roundup

It’s late October and it can actually mean two things, it’s Halloween and most importantly it’s time for another London MCM Comic Con with plenty on offer for all to enjoy.

We begin our journey on Friday after checking into a hotel so posh, our party could’ve gotten charged for just standing in the foyer (certainly an upgrade from earlier this year). I kept up my tradition of doing very lazy cosplay as I bought an X-men t-shirt and some red shades and boom, I went as Cyclops, did anyone recognise me? That’s the question…

I’ve never been to Comic-con on a Friday and was pleasantly surprised with how quiet it was and as always, very happy to see the cats cosplayers near the food stands performing. Of course, I decided to take advantage of the calm before the storm and it wasn’t long before I began to sense the obscure comic books I crave to own.

I find something so satisfying about rummaging through the various comic book stalls to find something unique and I didn’t come away empty-handed. The overall theme of the comics I picked up this time was Japanese. Picking up more Battle of The Planets books, an Image published Street Fighter book and a Western Ultraman comic.

I also picked up an awesome Power Rangers T-shirt which totally has a power and a force that you’ve never seen before. Does anyone remember the plot to Stargate Universe by any chance? How gifted boy genius Eli completed a level on a video game and go to join Stargate Command?

Well, I think the RAF and Rolls Royce are doing something similar with Starship, an experience which combines an app with live action activities to simulate a scenario of the RAF staging a rescue mission to Mars… at least I hope it’s a scenario.

After briefly getting in a quick flex with my boy Voltron…

MCM Comic-Con London 2017 – A Nerdy Roundup - n3rdabl3

We moved onto the gaming section to check out Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The latest fighting game offering from the Dragon Ball franchise which returns back to its roots as 2.5D fighter. Each player picks a team of three characters and they duke it out to the end. The graphics look great taking that 8-bit style but dousing it in HD and the combat like any DBZ game flows well.

I must admit I still have to finish Xenoverse 2, but FighterZ may make it into my collection.

The next game we checked out was Naruto Shinobi Striker, a Xenoverse-style game, but with ninjas. With a big push on multi-player you a group of friends team to play a game of capture the flag with your favourite characters from the franchise or create your own.

The combat flows like a waterfall and is very similar to the Ultimate Ninja Storm gameplay. Looks fun, but I’m not hugely interested in multiplayer.

After checking out some Funko action figures and resisting the urge to not buy some amazing looking Power Rangers figures from the Bandai stand (I never got a full set as a kid) we made our way to The Fox to finish a great first day.

Saturday began with a very cramped tube journey to the ExCel Centre and an attempt of getting into character by asking anyone if they had seen Jean or Bobby, it went down as well as X-Men The Last Stand. The queue for Saturday felt as long as Snake Way as many eager beavers came that day.

My two highlights from the day were when two girls (out of all the people there) finally got my cosplay as Cyclops, and seeing a Ninja Pickachu.

Inside, it was cramped with many great cosplayers on offer. Not as many Harley’s this time, but lots of Spider-men.

Returning to the gaming section (a brief cameo by Dave Bensons Philips from Get your Own Back) I watched my friend and many others getting there backsides handed to them at FighterZ, it became clear his Ki was very high.

With loads of people comes a lot of heat, outside we spent some time admiring the cosplay on offer, from Naruto to Marvel and DC, some top stuff was on offer.

After a quick Pokemon Go! break we had another wander resisting the urge to buy some cool retro games like Street Fighter and X-Men on PS1. I resisted so hard you guys. The end of the day came so quickly and that ended another great weekend at Comic-Con.

Will I ever do a decent cosplay? Tune in next year to find out?