Power Rangers Go Back to 1969 For an Epic New Story

At this year’s New York Comic Con, Power Rangers writer Kyle Higgins announced that he’s been planning a huge event in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe. Higgins wants to explore the lives of Power Rangers in 1969 and take a look at all the problems they’d have to deal with.

Speaking about it he said He said “This will come out in issue No. 20, The story of the 1969 Power Rangers (written by Kyle and coloured by Danielle Di Nicuolo) and this deep look back at when I got to create five new Rangers from all different parts of the world. Nikolai from the Soviet Union doesn’t speak English, so there are translations, communication issues, everything. They all have to work together in an unusual era

So we already know who one of the Rangers is but as yet, the rest are a mystery. Higgins says he is fascinated by the 1960s, saying “The late-60s, we were so divided and seeing how we came out of it by coming together after divisiveness and Vietnam and other race tensions. I think that if we can get these characters to come together and provide some optimism, it will be a big help”. His talk of coming together after divisiveness makes it sound as though this team will be a diverse team who have joined up to make the world a better place for everyone.

Power Rangers Go Back to 1969 For an Epic New Story - n3rdabl3

As a fan of 1960s Americana, Kyle Higgins will certainly be pouring all his heart and passion into this new direction for the Power Rangers. To quote the man himself “Who were the Power Rangers of 1969? What happened to them? And how do they fit into our current story?” I’m sure fans of the series can’t wait to find out.

There won’t be long to wait as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #20 is schedules to be released on October 18.

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