The Full-Length Trailer for My Friend Dahmer is Here
MY FRIEND DAHMER (2017) Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer

Less than a month before its release date, a full-length trailer for My Friend Dahmer has been released.

The full-length trailer makes use of some of the footage previously seen in July’s teaser trailer for the film, which is about notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s teenage years. As with the teaser trailer, this full-length trailer emphasizes how poorly Dahmer fit in with his peers, even with the ones who reached out to him as friends.

This film is based on John “Derf” Backderf’s graphic novel My Friend Dahmer. Backderf actually was acquaintances with Dahmer during their high school years, and the graphic novel is based on his and his friends’ experiences with Dahmer before Dahmer began committing the crimes he is known for today. A recurring theme throughout the graphic novel is how Dahmer could have been helped or at least stopped before he committed any of his crimes, yet he continuously slipped through the cracks.

The Full-Length Trailer for My Friend Dahmer is Here - n3rdabl3

Although the trailer shows things that don’t happen in the graphic novel, such as Dahmer’s discussion with his doctor, the trailer also previews many easily recognizable scenes from the book: Dahmer’s erratic behavior in his school, which was an imitation of a man with cerebral palsy’s spasms, his quiet, awed study of a male jogger, and his collection and study of roadkill and bones.

Dahmer and Backderf’s actors were previously known for family-friendly roles. Dahmer is being played by Ross Lynch, an actor who was, until now, associated with Disney Channel projects like the show Austin & Ally and Teen Beach Movie (2013) and its sequel, Teen Beach 2 (2015). Backderf is being played by Alex Wolff, perhaps best known for playing himself in Nickelodeon’s mockumentary-style live action show The Naked Brothers Band from the mid-2000s. Backderf has said he had no part in casting, but called Ross “astonishing” and praised Wolff’s portrayal of himself in an interview with Vulture.

Anne Heche (Donnie Brasco) plays Joyce Dahmer, Jeffrey’s mother, Dallas Roberts (Dallas Buyer’s Club) plays Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey’s father, and Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) plays Dahmer’s doctor.

You can watch the full-length trailer for the film below.

My Friend Dahmer will be out in theatres on November 3.