Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have released a brand new trailer for Need for Speed Payback which sets up the story.

The new trailer is set to highlight the game’s “gripping story of betrayal and revenge” with some awkward face animations and of course plenty of explosive car racing. We get a glimpse of the game’s three main protagonists who’ll be behind the wheel of various cars racing through Fortune Valley.

First there’s Tyler “the Racer”, Mac “the Showman” and finally, Jess “the Wheelman” (or should that be Wheelwoman?). During the game players will likely earn reputation with each of these different characters based on play styles, much like the first game. However this time we’re not trying to impress some big names, we’re attempting to take-down The House.

Check out the trailer below:

Need for Speed Payback is set to land on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 10.

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