New Professor Layton Game, Anime Coming in 2018

A new Professor Layton mystery is on the way, according to Level-5, with a proposed release in “late summer” 2018.

Following the success of the mobile release of Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy, as well as the looming 3DS release, it looks like another mystery game is in the works.

In an interview over in License! Global, Level-5’s senior VP of marketing, Siomon Waldron, stated that “an additional Layton title is slated to launch in late summer 2018 to support the series.” Of course, the wording here goes to suggest that next year’s outing may be very similar to Layton’s Mystery Journey, as right now the Professor himself is missing.

In addition to the new game, it’s also been revealed that the series will be getting its own anime featuring 26 episodes that are expected to begin airing sometime in 2018. So there’s every possibility that the game will somewhat tie into the anime, however this is just speculation at this point.

We will likely hear more about the new Professor Layton title early next year.