Party Hard Tycoon Announced

tinyBuild has this week announced a brand new spin-off title to their Party Hard series: Party Hard Tycoon, which allows people to build and manage their own house parties.

Despite the Party Hard series being about killing as many party-goers as possible without getting caught, tinyBuild have decided to let players in on the other side of the series by having them work to build the perfect party.

The good news is that Party Hard Tycoon has 100% less death (we hope) as players work to build and manage their own parties and nightclubs from making decisions, investing, placing items, and watching the party unfold. Players can promote their parties, choose the theme, which characters will be making an appearance and more.

It sounds actually pretty freaking awesome. Check out the game’s first teaser trailer below:

Party Hard Tycoon is set to hit Steam Early Access on October 19.