Sony Launches PlayStation Credit Card With Capital One

Sony announced this week that they’re teaming up with Capital One to bring us PlayStation branded credit cards. The PlayStation Credit Card will work in tandem with the Sony Rewards program, giving incentives to customers to purchase more Sony products.

For example, when you make your first purchase with the card you will receive a $50 Playstation Store voucher. Normally you get 1 reward point per dollar spent but with the new card you’ll get three times as many points for paying your phone bill with the Playstation Card and five times as many points when purchasing games from the PS store or buying Sony products from certain stores.

On top of that there are money back rewards for subscribers to PlaySstation Plus and Sony’s other services such as PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music and PlayStation Now. This is great news for anyone making use of Sony’s streaming services or who just loves playing their games.

Sony Launches PlayStation Credit Card With Capital One - n3rdabl3

If you’re not a member of Sony Rewards you can sign up for it here and apply for the Capital One credit card over here

It is worth noting that the Sony Rewards program only applies to North America and is not available in any other countries.

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