Pokémon Go to Introduce Gen 3 Pokémon this Halloween

According to info found while data mining the latest version of Pokémon Go, Niantic Labs might be introducing Gen. 3 to the game this Halloween.

Much like last year, Pokémon Go is set to see a Halloween event, but it looks like this one might be pretty huge as it looks like there may be plans to bring an entire new generation of Pokémon to the game.

According to data miners, who dug through the latest version of the game, there are files sitting in wait that’ll put Generation 3 Pokémon into Pokémon Go. This includes monsters such as Duskull, Dusknoir, Shuppet, Sableye, and Banette. In these files there’s data for all 200 Gen. 3 Pokémon, however it’s entirely likely that for the Halloween event we’ll only see the spooky monsters being added to the game.

A much larger roll-out is likely to appear later in the year once the festivities have died down somewhat.

In addition to the above information, a second leak was also spotted, this time from Apple as a promotional image for Pokémon Go appeared in the App Store showing both spooky Gen 3 monsters and a costume Pikachu.

I guess we can expect a big update in the coming days.