New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Released

A new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon is here!

The trailer begins with a trainer astride a Solgaleo running through one of the mysterious Ultra Wormholes from the first game, which then fades to Lunala with a trainer on its back traveling through the same area. It seems that once a trainer has traveled through these areas, they’ll come out in different dimensions. Both new Ultra Beasts, such as UB Adhesive, UB Burst, and UB Assembly, and old Ultra Beasts will be waiting in their home dimensions, ready to take the player on.

One such new location is Ultra Megalopolis, a world whose light has been stolen by Necrozma, the “mascot” Pokemon for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

This trailer also shows the first glimpse of the Ultra Recon Squad, who appear to be the antagonistic group of this game. Like the player, they have the ability to travel through Ultra Wormholes. Their story will vary slightly depending on which version of the game is being played.

At the same time, some additional information on the games was released on Pokemon’s official US site. Much of it consists of teasers, and hints at changes in elements of the last game such as the Island Challenges, or hint at important things to look out for in the upcoming games, such as the shining tower in Ultra Megalopolis. There is also a Pokedex-style entry for UB Adhesive, which may suggest that this particular UB will be especially important to the new games’ stories.

Both Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will be released on November 17. You can watch the trailer below.