PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Close to 2 Million Concurrent Players

This weekend PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), almost hit another massive milestone: 2 million concurrent players.

PUBG has been breaking records left, right, and centre as it not only surpassed DOTA 2 – one of Steam’s most popular games – in terms of concurrent players, but also smashed the record held by the same game for the most players online at once. But it’s not stopping there as this weekend the game ALMOST hit two million concurrent players.

According to Steam’s stats, PUBG saw 1.96 million players battling it out for Chicken Dinners on Sunday, October 8. What’s more, this massive number of players also saw Steam have a concurrent usaer number of 16.3 million concurrent users.

While things have been pretty stable up to now, it seems this influx of new players is causing some problems as the game had some server issues last week which the company apologised for. Now these issues seem to have been ironed out and the game continues to grow.

This is of course ahead of the upcoming Xbox One release which would see the game landing on consoles for the first time. Here’s hoping the game continues that trajectory once it hits the new platform.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Close to 2 Million Concurrent Players - n3rdabl3