Sesame Street’s Parody of The Walking Dead is Everything

Sesame Street has released a brand new parody video this time taking on AMC’s hit zombie TV show, The Walking Dead.

AMC’s The Walking Dead isn’t exactly family friendly. With scenes of horror, some incredibly gory moments, and now in this season the use of the word “fuck”, chances are kids are all tucked up in bed by time the show airs.

So in an effort to ensure that kids aren’t missing out, Sesame Street has decided to give The Walking Dead the Sesame Street treatment. This is The Walking Gingerbread. With The Cookie Monster as Rick, and puppet versions of Daryl Dixon and Michonne coming in to save the day.

Turns out, “Crumbies” as they’re called, just can’t get enough of those delicious cookies, which means The Cookie Monster has to stop eating them himself. After a series of mishaps, they end up at the Cookie Safe Zone where they meet The Governor.

Hell, sign me up for six seasons and a movie.

This parody comes just ahead of the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead which airs on October 22!