Shadow of War 101 Trailer Released!

Another trailer for the upcoming Middle Earth: Shadow of War has been released. This time, the trailer is giving us a lot of general information about the game and is narrated by the Uruk Bruz the Chopper, returning from his appearance at E3.

I guess Monolith Production’s diversity policy extends to evil minions too…

Watch the trailer below:

Of course, this trailer has one enormous flaw. Bruz refers to the Lord of the Rings as “The Dark Lord, or Sauron to his mates”. As we all know, the name Sauron comes from the Quenya word meaning “the Abhorred”, and any servant of the Lord of the Rings to utter it is punished with an agonising death. His actual name is Mairon, and he is usually referred to by Orcs as Lugburz, or simply the Great Eye. Ho Ho! Really dropped the ball on that one, didn’t ya Monolith! Pre-emptive 0/10 review from n3rdabl3 for this game. Try harder with your obscure Tolkien lore next time, you hacks!

In all seriousness, the trailer makes the game look amazing. They seem to have taken everything that worked from the original Shadow of Mordor and expanded it immensely.

For those who have not played the first game, a quick recap: You play as Talion, an Ithilien ranger from Gondor who is killed in the first five minutes of the game. Luckily for him, the spirit of the elf Celebrimbor, the guy who made most of the famous Rings of Power, entered into to his body. This makes Talion immortal and now the two have to share the same body, odd couple style. They set out on a quest of vengeance against Sauron and all his evil servants.

The game had a really interesting “Nemesis” system, where procedurally generated orc captains would be roaming the sandbox map, each with their own personality and abilities. They all try to take certain actions to get promoted, such as ambushing another captain or holding an awesome party for all their orc buddies, and you can choose to help or hinder them. Eventually, you could force captains onto your side and help them rise to the top.

This new game seems set to expand this extremely popular feature even further, with the arc words throughout the trailers being “Nothing will be forgotten”. It seems that whatever actions you take, the captains will remember them to an incredible degree, and specific wounds you give them, such as lopping off an arm, will lead to them returning more crippled than before. This, of course, will no doubt lead to a lot of hilarity.

Monolith’s presentation of orcs is truly masterful. All at once they are a threat, bloody hilarious and completely impossible to pity. The more you torture them, the funnier it gets. The more they defeat you, the funnier they get. Ambush two orc captains already battling it out, watch as they both yell hilarious insults at you and each other. This trailer highlights this brilliantly through Bruz’s perfect narration.

Another new feature touted in this trailer is the ability to ride flying drakes to reign fire down upon your opponents, burning their defences to the ground. This again looks like it will be a brilliant new addition to the gameplay.

The biggest weakness of the original Shadow of Mordor was in the story department. The game set up a really interesting conflict against Sauron’s infamous Black Hand lieutenants before just sort of fizzling out at the end. The last boss fight is, and I shit thee nay, a quick time event. Yeah…

This new trailer seems to offer a glimmer of hope, however. It shows an interesting cast of new characters, and it has been confirmed that the Nazgul, that’s Ringwraiths to you and me, will be making an appearance in the story. Hopefully they actually follow this setup through this time, and not just run out of time/money/effort/cocaine and give up like they did in the last one.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is set to release on the 10 October this year, and you will be missing out if you don’t pick it up

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