Unofficial Sonic 3D Director’s Cut is Coming Soon

Jon Burton the founder of Traveller’s Tales, known for developing games like Sonic 3D, Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex and more recently all of the Lego games, has announced he’s making an unofficial director’s cut of Sonic 3D.

Burton recently began a YouTube channel called GameHut. The channel features videos of him detailing the tricks and techniques used to reach outstanding graphical achievements on limited hardware. Such achievements include getting a 30fps full motion video to run on a Sega Mega Drive in the original Sonic 3D or displaying 256 colour images on a console that should only be able to display 64. This was put to good use in Traveller’s Tales Toy Story game, allowing cutscenes to feature stills from the film.

Nowadays of course we have games that look as good as Toy Story did when it was released and while this may look grainy and low quality by today’s standards this was an amazing technical feat at the time. Never before had a home console had such highly detailed images.

Unofficial Sonic 3D Director’s Cut is Coming Soon - n3rdabl3

However Jon Burton wasn’t content with just talking about the old games he made and intends to create a director’s cut for Sonic 3D. He intends to make improvements to Sonic’s movement, implementing bug fixes, adding Super Sonic into the game, a save game feature and also a level editor that was used as a development tool when the game was originally worked on.

Jon Burton is not officially affiliated with SEGA and they have nothing to do with this. He is only making it as a passion project and it will be released for free as a patch for anyone who owns the original game.

Check out Jon’s channel for interesting behind the scenes videos about the magic he worked to make games like Sonic 3D possible.