Today another Sonic Forces gameplay trailer has been released to show off a new gameplay mechanic: The hookshot.

In the new trailer we see the custom hero speeding his way through the Space Port Zone. The whole time he’s equipped with the drill wispon to make short work of the robotic badniks in his way. That drill comes in handy for surfing over gaps between platforms. What really grabbed my attention was the new hookshot mechanic.

It’s not known whether this will be available for all characters or if it’s one of the customisation options for user created characters. It looks like a blast though. Being able to grab onto floating balls to launch yourself forward is a great way to keep the action going and offer some gameplay variety. 2D Sonic games have always focused on having multiple paths through levels and this looks to add to that even more.

Another unexpected addition is the mid-level cutscenes. In this trailer we see a part where the hero hookshots his way off a platform and onto a moving train, fling himself up onto another train and then use the hook to pull himself down to the next platform to continue the level. I didn’t see any button prompts that would denote a quick time event but maybe that was just taken out to clean up the trailer.

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Sonic Forces will come out for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on November 7

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