Sony has announced that it’s updating the design of the PS VR headset offering a more streamlined, HDR compatible, headset for the PlayStation 4.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the PSVR 2, nor is it a drastic change from the launch model, however, for those looking for an optimal VR experience on their PlayStation 4, listen up. The new PS VR model, CUH – ZVR2 will have a new headphone jack from the wire hanging from the back of the unit. There’s also a much slimmer connection table, and will have an upgraded Processor Unit making HDR passthrough possible.

This new model will be launching in Japan on October 14 in a new camera bundle that’ll cost around $400. As for western gamers, North America has been promised similar bundle prices, though doesn’t yet have a new release date for the updated model.

Other than those few changes, that’s basically it. It’ll remain compatible with all PS VR games and peripherals. However, for those thinking they can just swap out the Processing Units, that won’t be possible due to the new, slimmer cable – sorry folks.

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