Pokémon Go has been datamined recently and some very interesting information has come out of it regarding two powerful Gen 3 Pokémon.

It has been found that Deoxys and Castform will both be included in the Gen 3 update. What’s so special about these two is that they have multiple forms changed by external factors. While there are already Pokémon with different forms like genders, shiny Pokémon and Unown, which has 28 forms, Deoxys and Castform can both change their forms. These changes included type changes and stat changes. Lets look the the two Pokémon in more detail.

Deoxys is an incredibly powerful Pokémon born of an alien life form. It can change its form to boost its own stats. It’s got four different forms; it’s normal form and three other forms which boost either its defence, attack or speed stats.

Deoxys used to be a mythical Pokémon. That means that it couldn’t be caught in the game and only obtained through special events. However this changed when Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby were released in 2015, which added the Delta Episode after the main game. After defeating the Elite Four and the legendary Rayquaza, the player is thrown into battle with Deoxys and has a chance to catch it.

Special Gen 3 Pokémon Set To Appear in Pokémon Go - n3rdabl3

Now what could this mean for Pokémon Go? Well Deoxys could be used a raid boss. Either as formidable foe that can change its forms in battle or possibly it would appear in multiple locations with a different form each time. But what about Castform?

Special Gen 3 Pokémon Set To Appear in Pokémon Go - n3rdabl3

Castform is a weather based Pokémon. It can’t change freely between its different forms, rather the weather decides weather Castform is a Fire type, Water type, Ice type or Normal type. The data mine revealed that all four forms will be included. This could mean that the different types of Castform will appear in different places. Perhaps the fire type will be more common in hotter climates, or Castform could change its type based on the local weather. The most likely case however is that it will change with the seasons, thus ensuring that places that don’t get a lot of variation in the weather still have a chance at getting all four forms.

It’s obvious Niantic is building up to unleashing the entire Gen 3 into Pokémon Go but this update looks like it’ll only include Deoxys and Castform, so we’ll have to wait a while to see the rest. At least this new content will keep hungry fans ticking over until then.

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