Spelunky 2 Announced at Paris Games Week

During Sony’s Paris Games Week showcase, the company surprised everyone by announcing Spelunky 2.

The original Spelunky, which launched in 2008, is a game in which players still play today – or at least the HD remake of it that is – thanks to the game’s randomly generated levels each time the player dies. So you’re probably wondering, why would it need a sequel?

Well, we’re wondering that too because the brief teaser which was unveiled at the event had no gameplay, instead we’re told a touching story about getting older. It seems the original hero of Spelunky has grown old and has had a child, presumably the child will become the protagonist of the sequel.

Spelunky 2 is currently in development by Mossmouth, the creator of the original. There’s no current release date, though we know for sure it’ll be landing on PS4. There’s currently no word whether it’ll also land on other platforms.

Check it out in the trailer below: